NFL Antonio Brown Suspension New England Patriots

Antonio Brown is released from the New England Patriots as expected and now things have gotten really intense for him. The next thing that ends everything for Brown can be an NFL suspension which would result in his career getting over. The Patriots decided to release Brown after the second sexual allegations and reports of threatening texts to the accuser.

Nike and Xenith already canceled their endorsement deals with Antonio Brown to save their brand image and New England were the next to do the same. Brown has been bad for business given how much people are hating on him and the investigation process is still going on. If Brown is found guilty in any of the cases, his suspension from NFL is basically confirmed.

Antonio Brown is Currently a Free Agent

Antonio Brown is a Free Agent

NFL has released a statement regarding Antonio Brown which states that the wide receiver is currently a free agent. All the NFL clubs are free to sign a deal with him and there is no need to put him on the commissioner’s exempt list until we ask them for it. The New England Patriots releasing Antonio Brown was their self-decision and NFL has nothing to do with it.

The investigation process is going on without any delays and until the verdict is out, Brown is eligible to play for any of the NFL teams. Antonio Brown is currently a free agent and can be signed before the October 28 trade deadline.

NFL can Suspend Antonio Brown after the Investigation

NFL to suspend Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown has not been suspended yet but it doesn’t mean that will stay true till the end of the 2019 NFL season. There are two sexual assault lawsuits filed against Brown and also the reports of him threatening the accuser. Even though it is a civil case, the accusers can always convert it into a criminal case.

Antonio Brown can get a permanent ban from the NFL if he is found guilty in a criminal case. The only reason Brown is not suspended from the NFL is that they are taking their time to investigate the case. Given how things have been moving on, the Patriots realized that Brown can be suspended and hence they removed him before that to save their money.