NFL Antonio Brown Lawsuit New England Patriots

Antonio Brown is getting into new troubles every day and now it has started to affect his bank balance. There have been two separate rape accusations on Brown and it has maligned his image a lot. The lawsuits on Brown are asking for compensations to provide for the problems that the two women suffered.

To make the matter worse, sports brands like Nike and Xenith are now canceling their contracts with Antonio Brown which can make the NFL wide receiver go broke. New England Patriots have only offered him one-year deak and he never received any money from the Raiders and instead paid around $65,000 in fines to them. Brown is not earning a single dime and his expenses are getting out of hand if it continues he will soon be out of money and declared a broke NFL player.

Nike and Xenith have Canceled Deals with Brown

Nike and Xenith ended deal with Antonio Brown

Nike made an official announcement on Thursday saying that they are cutting all ties with Antonio Brown. The Patriots wide receiver has been part of many NFL controversies but sexual lawsuits are totally a different thing. The spokesperson from the global sports brand said, “Brown is not a Nike athlete.”

After the announcement, Nike has removed the Nike Tech Trainer named Antonio Brown from their website and other online stores. It is the second endorsement deal that Brown has lost after the rape allegations. The football helmet maker Xenith also cut off all ties with Brown during last Saturday. It is highly possible that other brands follows the same and cancel their deals with Brown to save their image.

Antonio Brown fighting hard on the Lawsuit

Antonio Brown fighting against the Lawsuits

Antonio Brown understands the whole situation and fighting back in both ways. He has been focusing on his NFL games with the Patriots and practicing hard with the team. At the same time, Brown has denied every sexual lawsuit allegations and claims that they are all fake. Brown’s lawyer Darren Heitner has said that “he is following every legal remedy to clear his name and also make sure that such things don’t happen with other professional athletes.”