NFL Antonio Brown Sexual Lawsuit New England Patriots

Antonio Brown is facing a lawsuit where a woman has accused him of rape, and a second woman has also done the same. In normal cases, a corporate would have fired or given leave to such a person, but the NFL doesn’t care for it. Despite getting a lot of hate from the fans, the Patriots and NFL allowed Brown to play in the Sunday night game against the Dolphins.

NFL is a sport and a business and all they care about is making money. There is no regards or respect for women and most of the sports analysts doesn’t even care about the sexual assault lawsuit. Brown scored a touchdown and shaken hands with Tom Brady, it is the only thing that matters to them.

Antonio Brown and Tom Brady are Bigger than the Rape Charges

Antonio Brown and Tom Brady

NFL Week 2 Sunday night was the showdown between New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins. Everyone’s eyes were on the pre-game reports and the fate of Antonio Brown in the game. No one addressed the issue of what Brown did was wrong and they just kept predicting how many yards he will rush and how many touchdowns he will score.

The chemistry between Brown and Tom Brady is more important for NFL experts rather than the plea of a woman who has gone through sexual abuse. The rape charges are a matter of high concern, but the Patriots barely care for it.

NFL Analysts should Respect Woman

NFL Antonio Brown Sexual Lawsuit Analysts dont respect woman

The whole before and after the session for the Patriots vs Dolphins game was filled with useless things and none of the so-called sports experts, analysts or insiders talked about the sexual abuse issue. The #MeToo movement never made any difference in the places where it is needed.

A woman has been going through a horrific experience and all the sports anchors cared about the game score. Antonio Brown has not been proven guilty but they could still have addressed the issue to raise some awareness. There are many other women like Britney Taylor and it would be nice for the NFL to help and support them.