Antonio Brown NFL New England Patriots

Antonio Brown and New England Patriots have a totally different image in the minds of fans and now they are connected with each other. The Patriots didn’t miss a single day to sign Brown after the Oakland Raiders released him. Maybe the whole drama with the Raiders was an elaborate plan to get a deal with the Patriots.

NFL fans could have forgotten Brown for his sports-related controversies but the recent rape charges against him are something which can’t be taken lightly. Fans of Patriots and other NFL viewers are not happy that Brown is still playing the Sunday game against Miami Dolphins. They have started to hate the Patriots too and are constantly booing Antonio Brown on Twitter amid the rape charges accusations.

Fans wants Patriots to Lose the Game

Patriots should not let Brown play

The Patriots are somehow avoiding every question regarding the involvement of Antonio Brown and yet he was practicing with the team flew to Miami in the same plan with other players. Tom Brady told the reporters to only ask him questions regarding himself and not others. Patriots coach Bill Belichick also stayed mum on the whole Brown sexual assault case and ended his interview in between.

New England Patriots are the best NFL team who’s on the peak and they have a lot of fans all around the world. But their decision to let Brown play in the Patriots vs Dolphins Sunday game is not appreciated on Twitter or any other social platforms. Fans now want the Patriots to lose badly as a punishment for playing along with Brown as their wide receiver.

Patriots should not Play with Rape Accused Brown

Patriots should lose the game

Antonio Brown has already been hated by a lot of people and most of them make fun of him. People on Twitter claims that Brown has gone insane due to his head injuries. No one is ready to digest the fact that Brown who has been accused of rape will play for the champion team New England Patriots.

Fans have already started a hate campaign against Brown and they are criticizing him for his actions. There have been a lot of tweets about Brown and how he doesn’t deserve to play. It might be totally possible that people even start booing in the Miami stadium when Brown goes near the corners.