NFL Antonio Brown Oakland Raiders Deal Derek Carr Jon Gruden

A deal between Antonio Brown and Oakland Raiders might be in the works and it could all be thanks to Derek Carr and Jon Gruden.

Oakland Raiders opened the 2019 NFL season with a victory against the Denver Broncos, but they have gone downhill after that. The Kansas City Chiefs and Minnesota Vikings have outscored the Raiders by 62-24. The Raiders is surely missing out Antonio Brown whom they released without playing a single with him.

Even though Brown was involved in a lot of drama and was facing lawsuits for sexual allegations, he was always cleared to play by the NFL. Brown played a single game with the Patriots and had one of the best performance as a wide receiver from any of the NFL team. The Raiders are losing badly and they quarterback Derek Carr and coach Jon Gruden needs Antonio Brown at this moment to reach the playoffs.

Derek Carr needs Antonio Brown

Derek Carr needs Antonio Brown

Derek Carr showed a great play against the Broncos but after that, he has sagged a lot. He is ineffective, unable to throw a proper interception and is going down like the last year. The Raiders are currently holding Carr for a $125 million contract, which they might break in NFL 2020 trade deals.

Antonio Brown’s exit has weakened Carr and the entire offensive side of the Raiders to a great extent. Tyrell Williams and Ryan Grant are nowhere close in receiving as Brown was and the season is tanking without him. A quarterback in NFL is as good as his wide receiver support and Carr and the Raiders are nothing without Brown in the roster.

Raiders are Losing Badly without Antonio Brown

Raiders are losing badly without Antonio Brown

The Raiders coach Jon Gruden isn’t doing much help either, and the team is only 5-14 in the 19 games under his coaching. Mark Davis, the owner of Oakland Raiders has invested $100 million in Gruden for 10 years and breaking such a deal would even make the team condition worse.

Antonio Brown certainly issues but he was always great on the field. The Raiders should have been a bit more patient and they wouldn’t be 1-2 in the current season. It is not like Oakland did a bad thing by releasing Brown, but they surely miss a wide receiver like him.