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Antonio Brown was released by the New England Patriots at a crucial time which has complicated things for everyone. There was no point in signing Brown, playing the Week 2 game against the Dolphins with him and then releasing him two days before the Week 3 Patriots vs Jets game. Brown is indeed facing sexual harassment allegations and even a lawsuit is filed against him, but the NFL has not yet suspended him.

The investigation is still going on and releasing Antonio Brown in the middle of it is not sitting well with the other players in the Patriots roster. Apparently, the team players of New England are not happy with the release of Brown and it can force Robert Kraft to take him back.

Patriots Players not Happy with Exit of Antonio Brown

Patriots Roster Not Happy with exit of Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown was a troublemaker in the Steelers and the Raiders camp and it is why both the teams moved him out. Oakland Raiders side were fed up with his drama including helmet, frostbite and fight with GM Mike Mayock. But the story was entirely different in the New England Patriots as Brown behaved his best with the team.

Brown had a great bonding with the Patriots roster and he greeted each of them with respect. Even Tom Brady and Antonio Brown had a good thing going and the duo was working great on the field. The Patriots player are now also under the fear that the same thing can happen with them, and hence they are trying to pressurize the team management to re-sign Brown.

Antonio Brown is Still a Free Agent

Antonio Brown is still a free agent

NFL has refused to put Antonio Brown on the commissioner’s exempt list as he is still eligible to play. The lawsuits against the All-Pro wide receivers are still under investigation and there is no point of taking action against him before the verdict is out.

Brown is currently a free agent and his agent Drew Rosenhaus has said that several NFL teams are interested in signing a trade deal with him. Although, it may take time as the NFL team won’t take a risk and sign Antonio Brown only after he is cleared from all the charges.