NFL Antonio Brown deal suspension New England Patriots Release

Antonio Brown has called quits from NFL but it doesn’t mean his deal is over without any ramifications. The NFL All-Pro wide receiver took it to Twitter and announced his retirement from the league. Antonio Brown said he had enough of all the dramas and he won’t play anymore in the game. It all happened after the New England Patriots released Brown following a series of sexual harassment lawsuits.

The Patriots released him after it was found out that Antonio Brown has sent threatening texts and pictures of children to the second accuser. While the NFL is investigating both the lawsuits, releasing Brown without paying his guaranteed contract money is a violation of rules. It is why Antonio Brown has decided to sue the Raiders and Patriots owner to pay up his remaining $40 million guarantees.

Brown wants Guaranteed Money from the Raiders and Patriots

Brown wants his Guaranteed Money back

Oakland Raiders owes $30 million in guarantee to Antonio Brown when they decided to release him. Brown was creating too much nuisance in the Raiders camp and even had a fight with GM Mike Mayock, after which they released him.

The Patriots then signed him for a $15 million deal from which $9 million was to be paid on Monday. But the Patriots kind of fired Antonio Brown on Friday without paying him the guaranteed money. It is why Brown has said that his deal is not over yet until the Raiders and Patriots pay him the remaining money.

Antonio Brown and NFL Owners Dispute

Antonio Brown and NFL Owners Dispute

Antonio Brown has also accused the NFL owners of removing him from the team without any solid evidence or reason. Brown also went ahead and said that Robert Kraft, the owner of New England Patriots himself was accused in a sex scandal and yet nothing happened.

The lawsuit against Antonio Brown are still under investigation from the NFL and before the verdict is out, they had no rights to remove Brown from the team. Even in the accounts of sending that text messages, official NFL sources have confirmed nothing which voids the deal of Antonio Brown with any of the teams.