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NFL: Antonio Brown to Become the Biggest Problem for the Patriots and Raiders

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Antonio Brown after calling quits on NFL is now worried over the money lost and has been suing his previous team owners. The latest reports suggest that Brown is planning to file multiple lawsuits and grievances against the New England Patriots and Oakland Raiders to get his guaranteed money back.

While the All-Pro wide receiver was about to earn around $30 million, he was removed by both the Raiders and the Patriots and they didn’t even pay him his full salary. The sexual assault lawsuits against Antonio Brown were too much for the NFL teams to handle and they released him. As of right now, Brown has enrolled in Michigan University to complete his studies and planning to fight a legal battle to get his money back from the Raiders and the Patriots.

Brown has Filed 9 Grievances against Patriots and Raiders

Brown has Filed 9 Grievances against Patriots and Raiders

The reports say that Antonio Brown has filed a total of 8 grievances to recover all the money his lost in the deals with Patriots and Raiders. Brown wants his signing bonus, fines back, guaranteed money and full salary. While the whole amount is somewhat close to $40 million, there are high chances that Brown won’t get all of it.

The court cases are supposed to drag with Brown himself two separate cases of sexual allegation lawsuits. The most Antonio Brown can get from the Patriots and the Raiders is his signing bonus and they can null his guarantee money based on the fact that he was hiding details about the rape charges.

Antonio Brown is fighting everyone in NFL

Antonio Brown is fighting everyone in NFL

Antonio Brown is not only troubling and fighting with the Patriots and Raiders, but he is also messing with NFL players too. Brown has been picking up fights on Twitter with the Los Angeles Rams safety Eric Weddle and the Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield.

It won’t be the first time for Brown as his previous issues with Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger are well known. Even though Brown’s agent Drew Rosenhaus keeps saying that NFL teams are interested in him, the action of the star says something else. Brown is just trying to get his money as he won’t be playing in the NFL anymore.

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