NFL Antonio Brown New England Patriots Raiders net worth

Antonio Brown after losing all his money in NFL will now file a grievance and fight a legal battle against the Raiders and Patriots teams. The wide receiver was released by the Oakland club and then by New England, where both of them didn’t pay him the guaranteed contract money. Brown has filed a grievance lawsuit in the NFLPA (National Football League Players Association) against the Patriots owner Robert Kraft and the Raiders team.

After two reports of sexual harassment allegations against Antonio Brown, the Patriots and the Raiders released even before NFL completed their investigation. Brown is still a free agent and NFL have not taken any actions against him and thus it was wrong as per the rules to remove him without paying his guaranteed salary.

Patriots and Raiders owes Brown $40 million Guarantee

Patriots and Raiders owes Brown Money

The Oakland Raiders were the first team to release Antonio Brown after a series of drama where he even had a fight with the GM Mike Mayock. As per the reports, Brown has asked for his 2019 and 2020 base salaries ($14.625 million and $14.5 million), an unpaid Week 1 salary, three fines levied against him and a $1 million signing bonus in the grievance.

While the Patriots are said to owe him around $10 million ($9 million guarantee + $1 million signing bonus) for the NFL 2019 season. It makes the total around $40 million, which the two franchises owe Brown and he will fight a legal battle to get it back.

Can Antonio Brown win the Legal Battle?

Can Brown win the legal Battle

It won’t be easy for Antonio Brown to win the legal battle against two of the biggest NFL teams. The best hope for Brown will be to get his $1 million signing bonus from the Raiders. The Patriots can claim that Brown was hiding the sexual lawsuit details or they would have never signed him.

Even the Oakland Raiders will also find a reason and blame the rape case against him for not paying the rest of the money. Meanwhile, Brown is said to be going back to college, practicing football at high schools and self-proclaiming himself as the best NFL player.