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Antonio Brown has been a nuisance to the Oakland Raiders without even playing a single game for them. Jon Gruden, the head coach of the team has been the most affected person by this whole issue. Football is a different game than basketball where the entire team is needed to perform unlike a single player scoring goals and points. There are 53 players on an NFL team’s roster and almost 40 of them are rotated throughout the NFL season.

Brown has been the only one who’s not happy with the Raiders team. Foot injury, helmet ban, match fines and recent threat to punch general manager Mike Mayock has been a headache for Gruden. Antonio recently issued an apology and we thought he might get back to the team but he was released and signed with the Patriots. The whole thing has made the Raiders into a clown face and coach Jon Gruden feels Brown has insulted the team.

Brown is Insulting the Raiders

Antonio Brown's Agent Blaming Things on Raiders

Oakland Raiders is a team that has been in NFL for 50 years and is valued over $3 billion. But the recent happenings have turned their name into a hot mess. Even if Antonio Brown is right or wrong, it doesn’t matter as fingers will be pointed on both sides. Brown’s latest video on YouTube shows the Raiders and coach Jon Gruden in a very bad light.

Gruden can file a lawsuit against Brown for taping their phone call and posting it online without permission. Antonio Brown apologized to the team recently but it now feels like more of a formality to get released from the team. The Patriots have signed Brown and things are all good there and hence everyone will think that the real problem was with Oakland Raiders. Brown has insulted the team and Gruden is not at all happy about it.

Antonio Brown and his Agent have no Respect

Brown has Insulted the Raiders

While the whole thing has blown out of proportion, Drew Rosenhaus, the agent of Antonio Brown is still looking for business benefits. He only warned Brown when his $30 million salary was in danger and that too tried to cover it via PR. Rosenhaus made a narrative which would make the Raiders look like the villains and Brown as the victim.

They have no regard for the game, it’s just a money-making machine to them. If Brown respected NFL, he would have created no ruckus at all. The Patriots are the clear winner here as they finally got Brown which the Steelers never wanted.