Antonio Brown and his whole drama/issues with Oakland Raiders are getting bigger by the day. While earlier things like frostbite or helmet ban issues were on a low level, the latest incident can end his whole NFL career. Brown recently shared his anger over the match fines the Raiders side has imposed over him.

During a recent practice session with the team, Brown got into a heated argument with the Raiders general manager Miky Mayock and things got too intense. It is reported Brown was almost about to punch Mayock but the other team members interfered and stopped him.

Suspension for Week 1 Games

NFL Antonio Brown Oakland Raiders Suspension for Week 1

Antonio Brown threatened to punch Mayock in the face before punting a football and told “fine me” for that. It was not something the Raiders management can forget and Brown will be apparently suspended for a week from the team. The whole issue blew out in media and now it bigger than just the dispute between Brown and Raiders.

NFL personal conduct policy can also suspend Brown even the Raiders presses no charges against him. It was the Raiders linebacker Vontaze Burfict who stopped Brown from punching Mayock or things could have ended way worse for everyone involved. There are high chances that the NFL committees could have put a lifetime ban on Antonio and the legal case for assault on a senior citizen.

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Antonio Brown should Calm Down

NFL Antonio Brown Oakland Raiders needs to Calm down

Enough is enough and it is time for Brown to realize his mistake and calm down for good. The Raiders could suspend Brown and file a case against him where they don’t even have to pay the remaining salary of $29.125 million for the next two seasons. Brown could lose everything if he doesn’t control his erratic behavior soon.

Oakland Raiders need the talented player Brown and not the hot-headed guy throwing tantrums and creating ruckus everywhere. Jon Gruden has faith in Brown’s playing ability and even their quarterback Derek Carr would benefit with his support as a wide receiver. It is time Brown to make up his mind between playing rest of the NFL 2019 season sincerely or lose out his $30 million salary.

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