Antonio Brown is one of the best wide receivers and more than that he is the king of controversies for the past few months. After a stiff with Ben Rothlisberger, Brown requested a trade and the Oakland Raiders signed him in March deals. But even before they could start a practice session with him, Brown got frostbite due to improper cryotherapy.

There was the helmet issue after that which ended with Brown getting a custom sponsored helmet for the next NFL season. With Derek Carr at his helm as the quarterback, here is how the 2019 NFL season of Brown can go in the Raiders team.

More than 100 Receptions

NFL Antonio Brown Oakland Raiders 10 Touchdowns

Antonio Brown is one of the best pass-catchers in NFL and he might continue his magic for the Raiders. Even though there might be a drop in his numbers, Brown can still easily make 100 receptions in the 2019 season. Brown has a career average of 114 receptions, 1,524 yards, and 11 touchdowns and he might not drop too much. Derek Carr will also depend on him and the Raiders have to make sure that Antonio delivers as per his name.

Brown can only make 10 Touchdowns

NFL Antonio Brown Oakland Raiders 100 Receptions

Brown is very good at taking the ball to the opposite side and had a career-best of 15 touchdowns in his last season with the Pittsburgh Steelers. While it will be difficult to repeat the numbers, Jon Gruden has said Brown will be their main offensive guy. It gives him plenty of chance to play and he can easily manage to complete at least 10 touchdowns.

Drama increases in 2019 NFL Season

Antonio Brown Oakland Raiders More drama in NFL

The entire NFL offseason was filled with the dramas surrounding Antonio Brown. He threw a lot of tantrums and even threatened to retire for his helmet. There are high chances that Brown continues to be the same diva and 2019 regular season could get a lot interesting. Also, Brown is angry with his ex-teammate Ben Rothlisberger, and the two could have a fight when the Raiders vs Steelers game happens.

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