NFL Antonio Brown Oakland Raiders

Antonio Brown might have issues with the Raiders but he is not stupid enough to leave the team. While the drama between Oakland Raiders and Brown had so many twists and turns, it is finally coming to an end. The whole thing got intense when Brown threatened to punch the Raiders manager Mike Mayock. Brown has been suspended from the team for Week 1 games and he was also on the verge of getting banned from NFL.

There was also a possibility where the Raiders would void his $29 million contract and move him out of the team. It seems that Antonio has finally come to his senses and is now covering for his past mistakes. The Raiders have welcomed back Brown in their team after he gave an emotional apology to everyone.

Apology from Antonio Brown

Apology by Antonio Brown

It was time for Brown to get all in or all out as warned by Mike Mayock and he selected to stay in. Brown attended the Raiders team meeting on Friday morning and issued a heartfelt apology for his erratic behavior. The team captains of the Raiders were standing with him and every player also supported him.

Antonio has also cleared things with Mike Mayock and the two seems to be getting fine now. The issues were never about his performance or hard work, Brown was just upset over the fines imposed over him. While other players such as Ezekiel Elliot are getting new deals for their holdout, Brown has been constantly criticized for doing the same.

Money and NFL Career at Stake

NFL Antonio Brown Oakland Raiders Stake

Drew Rosenhaus is the agent of Antonio Brown who explained his client about the whole mess he created. Brown could lose the entire $29 million salary he was promised for the next two seasons with the Raiders if they file a complaint against him.

There are some rumors which hint that Brown wants to be on some other team such as Patriots but even for that he needs to stay clear of all controversies. The Raiders could impose a lifelong ban on him and his whole NFL career could end. Brown had so high stakes to lose that he decided it was better to apologize and get back to the game.