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NFL: Antonio Brown Confirms Leaving Raiders With Bold Instagram Move

NFL Antonio Brown Leaving Raiders

Antonio Brown and Oakland Raiders can’t get along for a single day without any kind of trouble. The latest thing to happen in the never-ending drama is related to social media handle of Brown. There seems to be a lot of issues between the wide receiver and the Raiders side since he was signed in from the Steelers. Brown missed out the training camp, preseason games and even the walk off sessions and was fined a hefty $54,000 over it.

He first protested his anger over Instagram and said the Raiders team should support him instead of all this. Brown even got into an argument with GM Mike Mayock and would have punched him if not for the other teammates. Now Brown has stopped following his teammate and Raiders quarterback Derek Carr on Instagram along with the team’s official page.

Unfollowing Raiders and Derek Carr on Instagram

Instagram Unfollow

While the whole following or undoing the same on Instagram sounds childish, it has a much bigger impact over the NFL. Melvin Gordon from LA Chargers started following other teams and they ended contract extension negotiations with him. Brown unfollowing Derek Carr and Oakland Raiders page on Instagram will also have some sort of repercussions.

There are some rumors which state that the bold Instagram move from Brown is a confirmation that he is planning to leave the Raiders team soon. The Raiders have already suspended Brown for Week 1 games and it may last for the entire 2019 NFL season.

Antonio Brown has Lost It Totally

Antonio Brown has Lost It

Everyone who drafted Antonio Brown in their fantasy football league are worried now. It is not just about NFL anymore, the whole thing has a big impact on the Raiders team. Even after so much happened, Mike Mayock didn’t press any charges against Antonio and was still kind of supporting him.

But Antonio on the other hand had totally lost it and god knows what he will do next. Many people on the internet are claiming that Brown suffers through some sort of mental illness and is going insane. Fans on Twitter are comparing him with Joker who has gone crazy. It is time Brown realizes the intensity of the situation and improves his behavior before its too late.

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