Antonio Brown and Oakland Raiders are not coming on terms over the various issues and things can get serious soon. The Raiders manager Miky Mayock has given a final warning to Brown to sort out everything soon. If Brown doesn’t report back in five days, he will have to face the consequences.

Raiders can give him a partial retirement for the year and also cut out his salary for the NFL 2019 season. The latest revelation from the former Raiders and Patriots star hints that it is an entirely different story. Apparently, Brown doesn’t want to play for the Raiders and hence he is doing all this to get a trade deal with other NFL teams.

Moss also left the Raiders

Randy Moss on Brown Deal

Randy Moss in a recent interview discussion expressed his views on the whole Antonio Brown and Raiders issue. The reason why Moss understands all the drama is because he had the first-hand experience with the same thing. Around 12 years ago, Moss also didn’t show up at the training camp for Raiders and they finally traded him out. Here is what Randy Moss on saying on Antonio Brown and his trade deal possibilities.

[blockquote footer=”Randy Moss “]I have a question for Antonio and I want to ask him whether he really wants to be an Oakland Raider? The reasons for not showing up has been shifted from feet to the helmet and so on. He is missing training camp and that is normal, but why is not meeting his young teammates, who can learn something from his expertise.[/blockquote]

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Will Brown Leave the Raiders?

Brown to leave Raiders

Randy Moss did the whole thing in April 2007 and things are totally different now. Antonio Brown repeating the same seems improbable but NFL is known for all the crazy things. Brown just signed a new deal with Raiders in March and why would he exit from the team now.

There are some rumors which state that Raiders are nowhere close to the NFL title contenders and hence Brown wants to change teams. New England Patriots have the best shot at the next Super Bowl and Antonio would prefer them over the Raiders.