AFC East division is always been the same since the past few years and the same can repeat in NFL 2019 season. New England Patriots kind of dominates the entire NFL and not just the east league and may win the 11th title. New York Jets, Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins will all fight against each other for the second place and to make it to the playoffs. Here are the NFL predictions for the win-loss ratio of Patriots, Jets, Bills and Dolphins in the AFC East League.

New England Patriots

NFL Predictions New England Patriots

New England Patriots has won more than 12 games in the last seven seasons except the 11 wins season in 2018. Tom Brady too over the Patriots in 2001 and they have never lost a season after that. Despite rumors of Brady retiring or leaving the Patriots, nothing of that sort has happened. The Patriots will once again rule the AFC east along with the Super Bowl 2020 title.

Predictions: 11 Wins (-130 Over/+110 Under)

New York Jets

NFL Predictions New York Jets

New York Jets are the only team in AFC east beside the Patriots that have the potential to make it in the playoffs. Sam Darnold has shown some amazing gameplays and can take the Jets to the next round of NFL games. New York needs to work on its defense side and also improve their quarterbacks who are kind of average players.

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Predictions: 7 Wins (-165 Over/+140 Under)

Buffalo Bills

NFL Predictions Buffalo Bills

Buffalo Bills are one of the most unpredictable teams in the AFC east side and nothing can be said for them. Josh Allen may or may not perform the same as last year as the leading running back for the Bills. The team needs to start strong as their last few matches are against Cowboys, Ravens, Steelers, Patriots and Jets. The Bills needs to make some changes in their roster in order to make it to the top 2 in their east league.

Predictions: 6.5 Wins (-186 Over/+155 Under)

Miami Dolphins

NFL Predictions Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins are probably the worst side in the whole of NFL and there are almost no chances for them in AFC east side. Josh Rosen is playing at the center without any success and it won’t change easily. The Dolphins are the worst offensive side with a bunch of older players who have not crossed 1000-yards for a long time. Ryan Fitzpatrick may fight as a quarterback, but he can’t do everything alone and the Dolphins are doomed.

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Predictions: 4.5 Wins (-150 Over/+125 Under)

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