New York Knicks Trade rumours Kevin Durant Kyrie Irvin

The New York Knicks had arguably the worst NBA season this year; the team couldn’t even enter the playoffs. Although, the team management of the Knicks is stating that they will improve and are even working in that direction. The Knicks traded Tim Hardaway Jr. and Courtney Lee with Dallas Mavericks to open up their salary cap and have big names in their team. They are eyeing for Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irvin, who had an amazing NBA 2018-19 season.

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Even though the New York Knicks now have plenty of money to spend and trade deals to make, their future still looks dull. Here are the reasons why New York Knicks will still disappoint their fans even in Summer 2019 NBA season.

Top Players might not Join

New York Knicks Trade rumours Kevin Durant Kyrie Irvin Kevin Durant, one of the biggest names of NBA right now, is on the path of a free agency and might even join New York Knicks. The player was injured in the 5th final match between Warriors and Raptors and had surgery for Achilles Tendon. It might take him around a year to recover. Thus the Knicks can forget about him in the meantime.

Another name in their list, Kyrie Irvin might join the team of New York, but not the Knicks, Irvin is eyeing for Brooklyn Nets this summer. Whereas, Anthony Davis from Pelicans, might not be traded to Knicks. The New Orleans Pelicans might want to trade Davis with the LA Lakers as they don’t see any strong player in the NY Knicks.

No one is willing to Trade

New York Knicks Trade rumours Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irvin

New York Knicks have been named as one of the worst NBA teams from last season, which have affected them a lot. Since none of their top players are performing or scoring, their value has been decreased a lot. The Knicks don’t have any big names to draft, and their position is constantly falling down. Robinson, Knox, and Mitchell might not be enough for the New York Knicks, and the team might again perform badly this NBA 2019 summer season.