Kyrie Irving & Kevin Durant NBA Free Agents

While the NBA finals battle between the Toronto Raptors and the Golden State Warriors rages on, it is the Brooklyn Nets who are garnering a lot of attention off the court. The New York team is preparing for a massive summer, and are looking to put themselves much ahead of their city rivals the New York Knicks.

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Making Space for Kyrie Irving

The rumors of Kyrie Irving joining the Brooklyn Nets grow stronger every day. And it seems that the Nets had already begun to make space for a potential arrival when they agreed to trade two first round picks and Allen Crabbe to the Hawks this week. This allows them to add two free agents this summer, one of which looks to be Irving.

Kyrie Irving & Kevin Durant

The Knicks, it seems, have been making space in their roster as well. They sent Porzingis and a few others to the Mavericks back in January. The deal leads to speculation that the Knicks might be eyeing free agents Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

Chances of Durant and Irving ending up in New York?

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant Knicks

As of now, every source has reported that Irving intends to sign with the Nets. And in any case, the Boston superstar is going to be wearing new colors in the upcoming season. And there is plenty of indication that Irving wishes for Durant to join him at his new team, though fulfilling that wish will not be an easy task for the Nest.

It seems that Durant may have an eye on the Knicks instead.

Of course, a lot of developments are to be expected over the next few weeks. And the result of the finals will have a big say on these signings as well.