The NBA Finals are going to be historic this year. The Golden State Warriors, who have been the two-time defending champions, are at the odds of scoring a three-peat. This feat was previously achieved by Los Angeles Lakers, led by the Kobe Bryant-Shaquille O’Neal, in 2002.

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How much will the NBA Champion 2019 win this time?

If the Toronto Raptors wins this time, the history will repeat again. The team is bannered by the best two-way players of NBA. If the team seizes the Larry O’Brien trophy, the Raptors will be the first non-American team that attains this feat. This is the first time that the Raptors have made it to the finals and an NBA title would also be the first one for them.

NBA Champion prize money
Credits: CNBC

The NBA Champions will make a lot more money as compared to the losers this year. The NBA puts a “player’s pool” every year, which is later divided among the teams who make their way to the Finals and Playoffs. The pool collected $20 million in the previous year.

As per the calculations, the NBA champs got $3,320,527 to divide among themselves. In case of the 15-man playing roster, each player will get to take around $221,268.

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NBA Champion prize money
Credits: The Ringer

This is considered a good bonus but is nothing as compared to the top stars’ salaries such as Steph Curry from Warrior super guard who earned $34.6 million during the previous season or Kevin Durant, who earned $25 million. In the NBA, Curry is currently the highest paid player. The NBA is second in position after Major League Baseball when it comes to rewarding the champions.

In 2018, the champion Houston Astros earned around $438,000 and more like the World Series winner, which is a record-breaking amount. But things may not be the same this year.