NBA trade Kyrie Irving Nets Kemba Walker Celtics Derric Rose Pistons

Every year there are so many trade deals in the NBA which changes the fate of many teams and players. Back in 2018, the Sacramento Kings traded out Kawhi Leonard to the Toronto Raptors in a normal deal. But who knew that Leonard will end up winning the NBA finals for the Raptors.

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The same thing can happen in the free agency 2019 too, where one player in any other team can repeat such wonders again. Most of the NBA teams are aware of such facts and will make deals very carefully. Here are some of the trade deals which could change the entire history of the NBA in the next year.

Kyrie Irving and Nets deal

Kyrie Irving deals Nets NBA Trade Rumors Free agent

As per the sources, the Boston Celtics is about to sign Kyrie Irving for a maximum deal of four years at $141 million. While Irving alone in the Nets team doesn’t change much, but it is a part of a bigger plan to lure in Kevin Durant.

Irving and Durant have a strong relationship and prefer playing with each other, also both had amazing stats in the last NBA season. If the Nets can somehow sign both the stars, there are strong chances that the Brooklyn Nets can win the next NBA finals.

Kemba Walker in the Celtics

Kemba Walker Nets Celtics NBA Trade Rumors Free agent

The same reports state that the Boston Celtics will use the money saved to replace Kyrie Irving with Kemba Walker. While playing for the Charlotte Hornets, Walker had amazing stats with an average of 25.6 points in 82 games.

To sign in Walker, the Celtics would let Terry Rozier go as a free agent to get the remaining money in their cap space. The Boston team have already players such as Jayson Tatum, Gordon Hayward, and Jaylen Brown. Kemba Walker joining the lineup can make the Celtics a great contender for the next NBA finals.

Derrick Rose in Detroit Pistons

Derrick Rose Nets NBA Trade Rumors Free agent Detroit Pistons

Derrick Rose, another of the veteran star player is expected to leave Minnesota Timberwolves and turn into free agency. As per the reports, the Detroit Pistons are planning to sign in the point guard for a two years contract.

While it may not change much for the Pistons, but it could be a start in the chain of events, which changes things on a larger scale.