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Golden State Warriors did the right thing to let Kevin Durant move out as he already going to miss out NBA 2019-20 season. The Warriors got D’Angelo Russell in exchange for Durant and hence the trade deal was not wasted. Russell is just 23 years old and already is an NBA All-star team member. He has previously played for the Lakers and the Nets with an average of more than 21 points.

But the problem is the Warriors already have the best shooter in the form of Stephen Curry and playing Russell alongside him will be a waste of talents. It is why the Warriors can make exchange deals for Russell with Bradley Beal, Jimmy Butler and Jrue Holiday.

Bradley Beal

Golden State Warriors Bradley Beal
Bradley Beal is another such player who is not happy with his team not making to bigger games. While Beal is averaging almost 26 points per game, the Washington Wizards couldn’t even make it to the playoffs. It is why he refused to sign his contract extension and looking at offers from contender teams.

The Warriors would be the best match and he can be the new Kevin Durant of their team. D’Angelo Russell is about to enter his prime and the Wizards could sign him and build a roster around him.

Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler made the move to Miami Heat in the hopes of an NBA championship but the team couldn’t add other star players. The Warriors could use Butler in their backcourt until Klay Thompson is recovered and combined with Draymond Green they would have a solid defensive side.

The Heat team could also use someone like D’Angelo Russell who is there to stay as they need more time to build their franchise. Butler would love to be the face of franchise and him pairing up with Stephen Curry can guarantee an NBA title for sure.

Jrue Holiday

Golden State Warriors Jrue Holiday

The Golden State Warriors needs someone to play along with Stephen Curry and Jrue Holiday will be the best player to form a power duo. The Pelicans just got a load of new young players by sending Anthony Davis to the Lakers. D’Angelo Russell could thrive so much with Josh Hart, Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Zion Williamson.

Both the sides understand the situation and an exchange deal for Russell and Holiday could be made soon. Although both the players have an age gap of 6 years, the Warriors needs support for Stephen Curry and not a young star.