Los Angeles Clippers were the true winner of free agency as they acquired the solid duo of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. In an already loaded NBA Western Conference, the Clippers are said to be the top contender for the next NBA title. While there are other solid teams such as Lakers, Warriors, Rockets, etc. the Rockets have the advantage of solid backcourt depth.

It is why they could trade for Bradley Beal who is thinking to move out from the Washington Wizards team. Beal is just 26 and already have an average of more than 26 points with a lot of NBA teams interested in him. Wizards have hardly any chance of making even to the playoffs and Bradley could sign with the Clippers to fulfill his dream of winning the NBA 2020 title trophy.

Trio of Bradley Beal, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George

Trio of Bradley Beal, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George

It just sounds so amazing even to take the names of Kawhi Leonard, Paul and Bradley Beal on an NBA team roster together. The destruction the trio could create will be unparalleled and no NBA team could stop them. With Leonard handling the defense and Beal attacking at the offense, the Clippers would be unstoppable.

Every NBA power rankings has shifted their predictions based on power trios as duos are the older things. Lakers vs Clippers will be decided by which team gets the best third supporting member for their duos. Bradley Beal is clearly superior in all terms compared to Dwight Howard whom the Lakers have signed to support LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

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Clippers and Beal have Best Shot at NBA Title

Beal and Clippers for NBA title

Washington Wizards doesn’t want to trade out Beal but they have no option if the star player doesn’t sign his contract extension. It would be better for the Wizards to get the best return by dealing Beal out and the Clippers have the assets required to make the exchange.

In theory, LA Clippers could send out a trade package of Patrick Beverley, Montrezl Harrell, Landry Shamet and Mfiondu Kabengele to the Wizards. There is no way any team would say no to such an exchange deal and Beal could be part of the Clippers roster. With his youth and ability, the Clippers have the best shot at the next NBA title.

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