NBA Washington Wizards Bradley Beal deal

Bradley Beal is garnering a lot of interest from the NBA teams and it has made the Wizards worry over him. Most clubs are trying to lure Beal and it has made everything much more complicated. Washington Wizards have offered him a three-year contract extension for $100 million and it is still time before he signs the deal.

The young shooting guard is currently on his five-year rookie contract at $127.2 million. While Beal is looking at possible options for him, the Wizards are in no mood to trade him out. As per the reports, the Washington NBA team has stalled every trade talk regarding Bradley Beal. The Wizards are trying so hard to stop Beal from leaving and going with some other NBA team.

No John Wall, No Bradley Beal

John Wall and Bradley Beal Duo

The Wizards knows that Beal doesn’t want to be in a team which has no future. They are trying their best to surround him with a pool of talented players so that he doesn’t feel like the lone warrior in the team. John Wall might miss out the entire NBA 2019-20 season and it could increase the troubles for Wizards.

Bradley Beal and John Wall work as a duo and without each other have to face a lot. Beal would never have thought about signing the extension if Wall was healthy or the Wizards was in a better state. Beal wants to be in a team that can qualify in the playoffs and makes a run for the NBA title.

Offers from NBA Teams

Beal is Up for Deals

Miami Heat is the most prominent team that is fixated on signing Bradley Beal in their roster for the next NBA season. Jimmy Butler is already signed by Miami and adding Beal can make them a powerful team. Even Beal is interested in playing for Miami as they have also promised to sign John Wall along with him.

Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Golden State Warriors and other NBA teams have also expressed they are interested in him. The point is that Beal has a lot of options and the Wizards are running out of time. But Beal has still some time left on his contract and the Wizards needs to use it wisely.