NBA Jimmy Butler Free Agency Miami Heat Philadelphia 76ers

Jimmy Butler and Philadelphia 76ers had a good thing going but he asked an out and was traded to the Miami Heat. While Butler thought it will be a good move to join the west beach side, none of the other strong players joined him. It looks like Butler might be regretting his decision to leave Philadelphia and might move back there soon.

The 76ers are getting stronger with an impressive roster which consists of names such as Ben Simmon, Al Horford, Tobias Harris, Joel Embiid and others. The reason why Butler left the 76ers was that he was hoping for a bigger deal, a five-years max contract to be exact. With things not going right for Miami Heat, Butler can join the Philadelphia 76ers again.

Five-Years Max Contract for Butler

Butler five year max deal with 76ers

Philadelphia 76ers and Jimmy Butler had certain issues and he was called as a locker room disturbance. It turns out that Butler was good friends with all the players on 76ers roster and only had some differences with the head coach. Butler wanted to play for a long time in Philadelphia and it is why he asked for a maximum deal contract for the next five to six years.

But they were not interested in him at that point and hence traded him to the Miami Heat. While the differences between the two sides have been clear, the Phillies can take back Jimmy Butler in their team if a deal works out.

Philadelphia 76ers Roster is Solid

Philadelphia 76ers have Solid Roster

Jimmy Butler is one of the best players in NBA right with an All-Star appearance and he wants to be on a team which can win an NBA championship. It is the reason why he moved from Minnesota Timberwolves to Philadelphia 76ers and then recently to Miami Heat. It is the main reason why Butler can move back to Philadelphia as they are one of the primary contenders in the NBA Eastern Conference.

The Heat team has not been able to acquire any supporting players for Butler and they are nowhere close to roster strength compared to 76ers. Ben Simmons was recently signed for a big contract extension, Al Horford has been traded in from the Celtics. Joel Embiid, Tobias Harris and Josh Richardson are already there in the 76ers. Butler would love to join them and win an NBA championship in the next few years.