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The New York Knicks are trying their best to get the biggest names from the free agency 2019, but an actual deal is very less probable. The Knicks ranks number one in terms of the team earning, but when it comes to winning matches, it have a very bad track record. There have been lately any matches where the Knicks have won, and it may be a thing they should work on.


It is the main reason the New York team is changing most of its player. Big names such as Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, Jimmy Butler, etc. are on the radar of the Knicks management. Here are the possible trade deals that the New York Knicks can make in the free agency.

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving

Kevin Durant Kyrie Irving NBA news NY Knicks

While the Knicks wants the duo of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to play for them, it is very hard to convince them both. There have been some indications that Durant might join the Knicks, but it is also changing with time. The latest reports indicate that Irving is trying his best to convince Durant to play with him in the Brooklyn Nets.

Everyone knows that the Nets is a much better team as compared to the Knicks, and both of them are situated in New York. The next name in the list is Kemba Walker, which would probably go to the Boston Celtics. It had made the Knicks focus on the second and third tier players to get a good team for the next NBA season.

Secondary Player Terry Rozier

Terry Rozier NBA news NY Knicks trade

To get Kemba Walker, the Celtics have to clear one of their star players, which will be none other than Terry Rozier. The Knicks are keeping close tabs on the deal, as they could use someone like Rozier in their playing squad.

While playing for the Celtics, Rozier was always overshadowed by the likes of Kyrie Irving. But if he plays for the Knicks in the next NBA season, he could prove his talent to the world. Also, the deal would be something the Knicks are looking for, a stable player at a medium price.