Kevin Durant turning into free agency and then getting injured in the fifth final match has changed everything. Earlier, the player had big plans, and even the team New York Knicks, where Durant was heading was confident. Now that he won’t be able to play for a year, it has made everyone’s plans a bit complicated.

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The Golden State Warriors seems to be in another trouble where 3 of its top players wants to leave the team. They are unable to decide whether to re-sign an injured Kevin Durant or let him go to their opponent teams. On the other hand, Durant himself is confused between money deals, health issues, and career stability. Here are the latest updates on the Kevin Durant injury and his possible team choices for free agency 2019.

Kevin Durant always wanted the Knicks

Kevin Durant Knicks NBA trade deal

Kevin Durant always wanted to go to the Big Apple team, the New York Knicks in the middle of the city. The Knicks is the most popular NBA teams in the US, which mints around $4 billion every year. It would be the smartest choice for a player such as Kevin Durant, who has ruptured his Achilles tendon and is also getting old.

By signing with the Knicks, Durant can get better medical care, and join the team for 2020 NBA finals. Even the team members of Durant from the Warriors have hinted on this, stating that he always wanted to play for the Knicks. The only problem here is that the New York Knicks are not doing anything great and have no chance to win the next finals, which put Durant into a losing side.

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Brooklyn Nets can be a Champion

Kevin Durant Brooklyn Nets NBA trade

There is another name which has been recently associated with Kevin Durant, and it is also based from the New York City. The other end of the city is the base for the Brooklyn Nets, which have a way better graph compared to the Knicks. Even Kyrie Irving is joining the Nets, and they have enough cap space for another player like Durant.

If both Durant and Irving play as a duo, they can win the next finals. Both the players and the teams are aware of the fact, and hence trying to convince each other to play together. Let us see if Kevin and Kyrie play together, and if yes then for which of the team, Nets or Knicks.