Kevin Durant leaving Warriors

The dates to free agency 2019 are getting closer and closer, but Kevin Durant has still decided anything yet. Durant may or may not leave the Golden State Warriors, as nothing is fixed yet. The injury in the fifth final match has changed everything, and now he has limited options available.

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Earlier, Durant could have gone to any team, but now the Warriors is the best choice for him to recover. Although, the new reports suggest that Kevin Durant won’t ever go back to the Warriors. Here are the reasons why Durant will leave the Warriors for one of the New York City teams.

It is not just about Money

Kevin Durant injured NBA trade news

While all the other NBA teams could offer him a 4-year deal at around $164 million, the Warriors have a better deal option for Durant. A 5-year deal with a $221 million contract will be on the cards if Durant decides to go back to the Dubs team. He could easily have the extra $57 million where he doesn’t have to do anything and just recover from his Achilles tendon injury.

But contrary to the reports, the 30-year old NBA star player is not happy with the Warriors team management and will leave them regardless. As per some new rumors, Durant is angry over the match where he ruptured his Achilles tendon in just 12 minutes of gameplay. Durant had a previous case of a calf strain, yet he was cleared to play by the Warriors medical team. It is one of the main reason for his injury and also why Kevin will leave the Warriors team.

New York Knicks or Brooklyn Nets

Nets or Knicks NBA trade news Kevin Durant

The teams which Durant will go are the two most famous New York City teams: The Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets. Kevin Durant was always planning to go to the NY Knicks and even the team is ready for him. The Knicks have already traded out Kristaps Porzingis and have around $70 million in their cap space to get two max free agents.

Even the Brooklyn Nets are one of the names that Durant could go, due to Kyrie Irving. It is almost sure that one of the two teams will manage to get both Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.