LeBron James NBA LA Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers had around $32 million in cap space and still could not get any big names in the free agency. The same thing happened even in the free agency 2018, and the Lakers ended up with average players. One would wonder why does no one wants to sign with the Lakers, and LeBron James is the reason responsible.

James is one of the biggest names in the NBA and has been compared with Michael Jordan, and yet no one wants to play with him. James is famous for his rough attitude and dominant nature over the basketball court, which makes him an unappealing teammate. It is the reason why none of the star players including Kawhi Leonard joined the Lakers team.

No one wants to play together with LeBron James

LeBron James NBA LA Lakers

Normally, every player should have the desire to play alongside a legend like LeBron James, but the reality is very different. Another thing which is making it worse is the increasing age of James. He is getting slow and can’t play the same way he used to before, but there is no way James will accept the fact.

LeBron is mostly angry on his teammates even for his failures and it is hard to play under so much pressure. On the other hand, if the team wins, LeBron takes the whole credit, and the other players are neglected. The way LeBron behaves with players who are not his friends is enough to avoid the Lakers team for the free agents.

Kawhi Leonard deal had a LeBron Issue

Kawhi Leonard deal Problem LA Lakers

The only big name that joined the Lakers team is Anthony Davis, and it was a part of an exchange deal in the NBA draft lottery. Apart from that, none of the big names like Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving or Kawhi Leonard were even close to a deal with the Lakers. There were reports about Leonard meeting with the Lakers team management and even with LeBron James to finalize a deal.

But the meeting went so bad that Leonard and Paul George went with the Clippers team. There is no way Kawhi Leonard will let LeBron James takes all the fame and play as a sidekick to him. The only reason why the Lakers could not Leonard is the issue of LeBron James.