Russell Westbrook LA Lakers Trade deal NBA LeBron James

The Thunder agreeing to trade Russell Westbrook to the Lakers makes sense for both parties. The issue is the fact that it is nearly impossible to execute.

The aspect of the trade that makes it so difficult is the fact that the Lakers’ entire roster is filled with players they signed this summer. So, unless they wish to trade King James himself, this trade is off the table.

Westbrook and King James best of friends

Westbrook actually does wish to move to the Lakers. He and James are good friends, according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst. The two have actually been hanging out together all summer. In fact, they seem like the best of friends.

Russell Westbrook LA Lakers Trade deal NBA LeBron James

It would be an excellent move for the Lakers to bring Russell, not just because he is good pals with King James, but also because he is simply an excellent player. But the Lakers have simply no player to offer to Oklahoma City for a trade.

The Thunder looking to retain Russell in the short term

Westbrook’s massive $38.5 million salary doesn’t make things easier either. Any team looking to sign him with have to offer a comparable salary or have the cap space to absorb his contract.

ESPN’s Royce Young reports that this time around, unlike Kevin Durant’s 2016 departure, the Thunder are comfortable to rebuild the team, rather than retooling it.

Russell Westbrook LA Lakers Trade deal NBA LeBron James

The eyes are all on Russell Westbrook at the moment, but the Thunder are open to seeing how he plays alongside Steve Adams and Gallianari. Young did add, however, that a Westbrook trade in the future still remains the “most likely” outcome.