LA Lakers vs LA Clippers free agency roster players

NBA free agency is almost over and the last of the deals between the players and teams are done. While Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving shared their decision on the first day, there is one star who took too long. Everyone was waiting for the Kawhi Leonard deal and we finally have an answer after 5 days of free agency.

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The Clippers beat the Lakers in the race to sign a trade deal with 2019 NBA finals MVP Leonard. The deal kind of changes the future of NBA and now all teams are perfectly balanced. The new rosters of every NBA team are complete and we can compare them for next year’s prediction. Here is the player roster for the Lakers and Clippers in order to determine the best team.

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers vs LA Clippers roster players

The Lakers finally managed to get their hands on Anthony Davis, and a big deal with the Pelicans was made. But it cost the Lakers 3 first round picks and three of their star players. Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart were sent to the New Orleans Pelicans team for the Davis deal. It has weakened the Lakers a lot, but they finally managed to pair LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Danny Green is signed in the Lakers team as an alternative to Kawhi Leonard, but it will be tough to do the same job. Apart from this, the Lakers doesn’t have any big names and it could be a lot of trouble to just rely on three players. Rojan Rondo, K. Caldwell-Pope and Tyson Chandler might do something for the Lakers, but the chances are very low.

Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers roster players

It is not the Los Angeles Clippers also have plenty of superstars, but the team was doing good with whatever it has. Now that Kawhi Leonard and Paul George has joined the Clippers, the team is looking strong. With Patrick Beverly retained, the Clippers has made wise use of their cap space money.

Lou Williams, Tyrone Wallace, Jerome Robinson, Wilson Chandler, Ivica Zubac, etc. are also giving out a good performance. The Clippers can do wonders with Leonard guiding the other players and boosting their confidence. Even though the Lakers have a better roster on paper, it may not replicate on the basketball court in NBA 2019-20 season.