Kawhi Leonard NBA trade deal LA Clippers

Kawhi Leonard’s trade deal is slowly becoming the most anticipated deal in the history of NBA free agency. While other star players are already taking measurements for their new jerseys, Leonard has not even decided his future team. Most of the rumors put him in one of the Los Angeles team or his previous of Toronto Raptors.


The Lakers are said to be the frontrunners in the race, while the Raptors also have a solid chance. It doesn’t mean that the LA Clippers can’t sign a deal with the 2019 NBA finals MVP, Kawhi Leonard. Here is how the Clippers still have a chance to sign in Leonard and the reasons why the NBA star can pick the team.

Kawhi Leonard wants to be a Star Player

Kawhi Leonard trade deal

Although it sounds logical to be in a team which has strong players, Kawhi Leonard doesn’t share the same thinking. The Lakers are said to be having the top odds for winning the next NBA finals. LeBron James and Anthony Davis duo are said to be too powerful and no team can beat it. But it raises the question that why do the Lakers needs Leonard then?

The answer is pretty much simple, two players are not enough in a basketball game and it requires a team effort. Even if Leonard plays for the Lakers, he won’t be anything bigger than a sidekick to LeBron James. On the other hand, the Clippers team have no such issue, and all players are considered equal. If Leonard joins the Clippers team, he will be the main star player of the team and won’t have to share his limelight with anyone else.

How can the Clippers win NBA 2020?

Clippers Win Kawhi Leonard

The Los Angeles Clippers does not have any big names, but then again Kawhi Leonard prefers it. He has previously played for the Toronto Raptors, which had never won a single NBA final. But the team defeated the Golden State Warriors which was winning continuous NBA titles for two years. It proves that the NBA is not about star players, it is each about team effort and individual talent.

Lou Williams, Danilo Gallinari, Ivica Zubac, etc. are an integral part of the Los Angeles Clippers and can win big in the next NBA season. Leonard believes in himself and his teammate, and maybe he could repeat for Clipper, what he did for the Raptors. With Leonard in their team, the Clippers might pull a surprise and win the NBA 2020 finals.