NBA Kawhi Leonard LeBron James Kevin Durant trade deal free agent

It is common knowledge that Leonard is planning to go to one of the Los Angeles team. But whether it will be the LA Lakers or the LA Clippers is still a mystery. Here are the latest updates on Kawhi Leonard free agency and how his decision depends on other players like LeBron James and Kevin Durant.


NBA free agency 2019 has started and the fate of more than half of the NBA teams is on the line. The top free agents have yet not decided about which teams they will go next and the wait till July 6 is getting harder. One such name is Kawhi Leonard, who after being named the MVP of 2019 NBA finals has become every team’s top priority.

No side-kick for LeBron James

LeBron James Kawhi Leonard NBA trade deal free agent

Kawhi Leonard is meeting with the officials from the Los Angeles Lakers team to discuss a possible deal. But there are very fewer chances that an actual deal will happen because of one big reason. The trouble in the deal with Leonard and the Lakers in none other than the NBA star LeBron James. It is the main reason why the Lakers are having a hard time getting the third star after LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

In the basketball court, LeBron is said to have a huge presence and he overshadows the other players from his team. Kawhi Leonard is aware of the fact and is not interested in becoming a side-kick to LeBron James. The Lakers are trying their best and have even arranged a meeting between the two stars, so things can work out.

Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant Duo

 Kawhi Leonard Kevin Durant NBA trade deal free agent

While Kawhi Leonard doesn’t prefer playing with LeBron James, he has no problem with another star of the same caliber. For a potential team-up with Kevin Durant, the Raptors star Leonard is ready. The reason is that Durant and James are totally different players, with the former being very supportive to his teammates.

There are a few teams which could sign the duo of Leonard and Durant, making a team strong enough to win the NBA 2020 finals. Los Angeles Clippers and the New York Knicks have the money, but the rest of it depends on both the players.