Kawhi Leonard NBA trade free agency Raptors Lakers

Kawhi Leonard is yet to enter his name into the free agency officially, but his trade deals are already making the news. It is expected that Leonard will meet with the respective teams after June 30 and a deal will be discussed. Kawhi Leonard was traded from the San Antonio Spurs to the Toronto Raptors in 2018, and it changed everything.

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The Toronto Raptors won the NBA 2019 finals with the help of Leonard, and he was named the MVP for it. There are so many future options for Leonard that he is mostly confused about the teams. Here are the teams which are offering a deal to Leonard, along with the best possible choice.

Los Angeles Teams

Los Angeles teams Kawhi Leonard NBA trade free agency 2019

As per the latest reports, Kawhi Leonard is headed to Los Angeles to meet with the teams once the free agency starts. Leonard is an LA native and wants to stay at home and play for his home team. It is the main reason why he always wanted to play with the Lakers or Clippers.

The LA Lakers have around $32 million in their cap space, which are enough to offer Leonard a good deal. The only problem is that Kawhi Leonard might have some problems playing along with LeBron James, and the team is working on that. On the other hand, the Clippers are a much better choice and can also sign in Kevin Durant in a shocking trade deal.

Raptors has the best Deal

Raptors Kawhi Leonard NBA trade free agency 2019

One must not forget that the Toronto Raptors is also a possible name that would want their star player back in the team. Raptors and Kawhi Leonard have taken each other to great levels, and both will hope to continue it. If the Raptors offers Leonard a max deal, there are chances that he might stay.

Kahwi Leonard has a good thing going with the Toronto team; there is no point in breaking it. There are solid chances that the Raptors can also win the next NBA finals. The player needed to make it possible is none other than Kawhi Leonard.