NBA LA Clippers trade Kevin Durant Kawhi Leonard

The Los Angles Clipper is being linked to some of the biggest free agents like Kevin Durant and Kawhi Leonard, yet there is any news about them. As of right now, the Clippers have around $47 million in their cap space, which is enough for one max free agent.

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If they trade out a few players, they could have enough money for a second-star player. Kawhi Leonard is the most sought out free agent of 2019, who can join the LA Clippers soon.

There have been a lot of hints from his friends and family, and also Leonard has said he wants to go back to his home, Los Angeles. Some of the new rumors put even Kevin Durant in the Clippers team, as the second free agent. But there are very fewer chances for such deals, as the possible deals for the Clippers are very different from the rumors.

Kawhi Leonard and Kevin Durant deals

Kevin Kawhi deals LA Clippers NBA trade news

Kawhi Leonard, the MVP of 2019 NBA finals, might not leave the team of Toronto Raptors at all. As of right now, Leonard has no joined the free agency officially or made any announcement regarding it. Everything is just pure speculation at this point, which states that Leonard will join one of the Los Angeles team.

It might also be possible that Kawhi Leonard joins the LA Lakers instead so that he gets a chance to play with LeBron James. Meanwhile, Kevin Durant has plans for the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets or re-sign with the Golden State Warriors. There is no way that Durant leaves all of them to play with the LA Clippers.

Possible deals for Los Angeles Clippers

Los Angeles Clippers trade news NBA free agents

There have been some names which have the actual chances of going into the LA Clippers team and playing for them. Al Horford for the Boston Celtics has turned into the free agency and might sign a deal with the Clippers. While both the Philadelphia 76ers and the Houston Rockets want Jimmy Butler, there are chances that he plays for the Clippers instead.

The sports analyst are predicting the Leonard and Butler duo as the best, and the Clippers might actually work on that. Other free agents that could sign with the Los Angeles Clippers are Tobias Harris and Patrick Beverly.