Kevin Durant was the face of NBA free agency 2019, but his injury has changed everything. Durant had a strain even before the match in his right calf, yet he was cleared to play. It was only 12 minutes into the fifth Warriors vs Raptors finals, and Durant ruptured his Achilles tendon. He had to leave in the middle of the game, and the Golden State Warriors couldn’t win their 3rd consecutive NBA final.

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Everything is now changed, the Warriors are broken, and Durant’s future is uncertain. In the initial reports, it was almost fixed that Kevin Durant will go to the New York Knicks. Now it is not so sure, and here is a possible trade deal option for an injured Durant.

Durant is not going back to Warriors

Kevin Curry NBA news LA Clippers Kevin Durant Kawhi Leonard

The Golden State Warriors knows very well that it would be very hard to win without Kevin Durant in the next NBA season. Even Klay Thompson has torn his ACL and is having surgery this week. Without the two players, the Warriors stands nowhere. Stephen Curry is a good player, but he alone can’t take the Dubs team to the finals.

There have been so many reasons why Durant doesn’t want to re-sign with the Warriors, despite a better deal. The main reason is that the Warriors team are not concerned about his health and using him just as a business deal. The latest reason to upset Durant is the new suggestion report. It states that 30 out of 31 times the Warriors can win without him if they play with Curry.

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Kevin Durant in LA Clippers

NBA news LA Clippers Kevin Durant Kawhi Leonard

As it is almost confirmed that Durant won’t go back to the Warriors and without him, there is no way the team can win the finals. It has made Kawhi Leonard rethink about his decision of leaving Raptors to join the LA Clippers. There are high chances that Leonard can lead the Raptors to win even the next finals. The Golden State Warriors can’t stop them without Durant playing in their team.

Even the Clippers team management is aware of the situation and has planned something. The Clippers can bid for Kevin Durant as he can lead them to victory against a weaker Warriors team. Also, they would have much better shot at beating the Raptors, if Durant plays for them in the next NBA season.