Danny Green NBA Trade deal Lakers free agency 2019 LeBron James Anthony Davis

Toronto Raptors won their first ever NBA finals this year and it could not get any better. While Kawhi Leonard was named as MVP for the 2019 NBA finals, there is another name who also contributed a lot to the team. Danny Green, the 32-year-old veteran player from the Raptors had also a good NBA season.


As his contract with the Raptors is almost over, Green has also decided to become a free agent. There are a lot of teams ready to have Danny in their squad, but he seems to be interested in a single team. The team is none other than the Los Angeles Lakers, which currently have the best odds for winning NBA 2020 finals. Here are the reasons why Danny Green wants to join the Lakers and the chances for such a deal to happen.

Third Star Player for the Lakers

Anthony LeBron Duo Danny Green NBA Trade deal Lakers free agency 2019

Recently in an interview, Danny Green was asked what does he thinks it is possible that the Lakers signs a deal with him? Green’s response was mostly positive, and he said if the team is interested, it would be great for him. One of the main reasons why Green wants to play for the Lakers is their current team combination.

The Lakers already had the NBA legend LeBron James and they also managed to sign in Anthony Davis. The duo is too powerful for a single team, and any player would like to support them from the other side. Danny Green hopes to become the third star player for the Lakers after Anthony and LeBron.

Deal depends on Kawhi Leonard

Deal Leonard Danny Green NBA Trade deal Lakers free agency 2019

While the Lakers desperately need a third star-player to support the duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis, they are aiming for someone else. Kawhi Leonard is the first priority for the Lakers team, and they are trying hard to convince him. If somehow the Lakers can’t get Leonard, then they will look for other options. Danny Green won’t come for cheap, he will at least ask for $8 million to $12 million.

While the Lakers have a current cap space of $32 million, which is not enough for both Green and Leonard. Hence, the deal between the Lakers and Green mostly depends on Kawhi Leonard. There are some ways where the Lakers could have both the players, but it would require an exchange with the Raptors team.