The LA Lakers were quick to kick off the NBA offseason with a blockbuster- their Anthony Davis trade send shockwaves across the NBA landscape. Not only has this new acquire breathed life into the team, but it has also completely shaken the power structure of the NBA.

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LA Lakers

While the Raptors are busy celebrating their first NBA title, the LA Lakers, especially Rob Pelinka, are busy with preparations for the upcoming season and beyond. The big question that remains is who to pair with Davis and King James.

LA Lakers NBA Free Agency LeBron James Anthony Davis

NBA veteran Raja Bell gives his thoughts on the matter. He feels that if he were in the Lakers’ position, he would put all the big names on the list. He begins with Kawhi Leonard, and then adds Kyrie Irving to the list as well.

According to Bell, Irving would be a great fit for the skills of both Anthony Davis and LeBron James. Kemba Walker too, adds Raja, would be a good fit for the Lakers.

LA Lakers Free Agency rumours say Kyrie Irving might be the one

Klay Thompson the ideal man

But Raja Bell concluded saying that the best possible player for the profile and the conditions that LA Lakers are in is Golden State Warriors’, Klay Thompson. But getting the Warriors man would be a tough deal- he is still injured from the NBA finals and would demand a max deal, something that the Lakers cannot afford.

LA Lakers Free Agency rumours predict Klay Thompson

There still are countless other stars on the market that the Lakers can opt for- only time will tell who they will choose to aide them in their quest for the championship in the upcoming seasons.