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NBA star Klay Thompson is another Golden State Warriors star players who are leaving the team for free agency. Thompson and Durant are two such names who are injured and plan to leave the Warriors. While everyone just keeps talking about Durant, one must not forget that Thompson is also a champion. Klay is a three-time NBA champion, five-time All-Star and three-time All-NBA member.

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There might be a possibility that the Dubs team will re-sign with him, but he is still a free agent. If Thompson changes his mind, he could go to any of the team. Here are the top three teams that can steal Klay Thompson from the Golden State Warriors.

Los Angeles Lakers

LA Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers team is hell-bent on taking the top quality players and make a solid team for the next season. The Anthony Davis and LeBron James duo already looks good, and need someone to back it up.

Klay Thompson is perfect for the Lakers, the only issue is that they are low on money. If somehow a deal can be arranged, Thompson would love to play in the LA team of legends.

New York Knicks

NBA New York Knicks

The New York Knicks is totally building up a new team and taking as many players as it can. Kevin Durant was originally planning to join the Knicks before his injury, but now it looks difficult.

If the Knicks can’t have Durant, they would definitely go for his teammate Klay Thompson. Even for Thompson, it will be a better deal, he can freely recover from his injury and get a good enough salary offer.

Brooklyn Nets

NBA Brooklyn Nets

Brooklyn Nets is one of those NBA team who can get any player to join them, as they are almost unpredictable. Kyrie Irving knows he can do great things with the Nets and will leave the Boston Celtics for them.

Irving has even asked Kevin Durant, who may or may not respond to the offer. But Klay Thompson has every reason to accept such an offer, and the Nets know it very well. There are high chances that a deal between Thompson and the Nets can work out.