Danny Green and Patrick Beverly Los Angeles Lakers NBA Trade rumours

Los Angeles Lakers have already made it clear that they will pick up the best names in the NBA 2019 drafts. The Lakers already traded with the New Orleans Pelicans to get Anthony Davis at a high price. Even after that, their cap space has more than $30 million left.

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The Lakers are even eyeing for big names such as Kawhi Leonard and Kyrie Irving, but they are less likely to get involved. It puts the Lakers with next possible options such as Dany Green and Patrick Beverly. Both the players are in good form and can help the Lakers to form a solid team.

Danny Green from Raptors

NBA Trade rumour Dany Green LA Lakers

Dany Green is one of those names who were equally responsible for the Toronto Raptors winning the NBA 2019 finals. As Kawhi Leonard won the NBA finals MVP, he basically overshadowed his teammate Dany Green. He is just ranking second in the three-point shooting range with a 45.5 percent ratio. Even in the third final game between Raptors and Warriors, Green scored threes and made his team won the match.

If Toronto Raptors is unable to re-sign Kawhi Leonard, then Dany Green becomes the top player for them. The LA Lakers could easily sign Dany Green for around $10 million, which is a better offer for both of them.

Patrick Beverly from Clippers

Patrick Beverly NBA Trade rumour LA Lakers

The next player in line that the LA Lakers could use is Patrick Beverly from the LA Clippers. It would make a lot of sense for Beverly who doesn’t have to change his city and can get to play with the likes of LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Patrick Beverly doesn’t have that better stats, but he is a great defender who was put up for the task to stop names such as Kevin Durant. While Beverly is currently valued at $5 million, he has hinted that he will go to the team with the highest bid. It is expected that the Phoenix Suns and LA Lakers might be equally interested in Patrick Beverly.