Anthony Davis was not a part of the 2019 free agency and yet his future depends on the trade deals. The Lakers got Davis in the NBA draft lottery from the Pelicans in a very expensive deal. The plan was to pair him up with LeBron James, get a third star in the form of a free agent and make a solid team.

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While Kawhi Leonard was their first priority in free agency, it was the Clippers team that signed him. Without Leonard in their team, all the weight has now fallen on the shoulder of Anthony Davis. The Lakers have spent a huge sum, traded their 3 players and first round pick for next year. There is a lot of responsibility on Davis and he has to prove his worth for the Lakers team.

Is Anthony-LeBron Duo Enough?

Anthony Davis LeBron James NBA trade

When the news of Anthony Davis and LeBron James teaming up for Lakers came out, the Lakers fans were very excited. But with time, it was revealed that the Los Angeles Lakers team needs a third-star player to support their power duo. It raises the question, is the duo of Anthony and LeBron enough for the Lakers or do they need another star?

The answer is not as simple as it seems, because there are a lot of factors involved. It is not like both the players won’t play well, we agree the LeBron James and Anthony Davis are extremely talented. The fact is only two players can’t win a basketball game, it is a team sport. If there is no good player on the other side of the court to support, the duo can’t do much.

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Anthony Davis and the Lakers

Anthony Davis Lakers NBA trade free agency

It is not just about playing in a duo, the future of Anthony Davis also depends on how does he perform as a solo player. Davis is still young, he is just 26 years old and there is a lot to learn. There is no doubt that Davis performed very well as a power forward and center in the Pelicans team. But to repeat the same thing with Lakers can be quiet a challenge.

Also, it is a tough thing to play alongside LeBron James in the basketball court. There are a lot of challenges that Anthony will face in the next NBA season. Kawhi Leonard has made his deal with the Clippers, now it is time for Anthony Davis to step up and be a champion for the Lakers. If he doesn’t perform good, the Lakers won’t think twice and trade him in the NBA 2020 draft.

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