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It is one of the biggest offseasons in recent years for the Los Angeles Lakers. The trade of Anthony Davis caused a huge frenzy amongst the NBA. But the Lakers are not down yet- they still have a cap space left to fill the roster, to build a team around LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

So far, the Lakers have made two signings. Let us see how they fit in their roster along with LeBron James and Anthony Davis:

#1. Jared Budley

Jarden Dudley is a power forward, averaging 7.7 points, 1.6 assists and 3.3 rebounds per game. His numbers aren’t really striking, but at a one year $2.6 million contract, Dudley comes across a very shrewd bargain signing for the Lakers.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis NBA trade LA Lakers

Dudley, a 12-year-old veteran in the NBA, only transitioned to power forward in the later years of his career. More than half his attempted shots last seasons were spot-up 3-point attempts, and he converted 34.2 percent of those chances.

Dudley’s game is more matured than shooting as well. He is a solid defender and a smart passer of the ball. His versatility, especially, will allow the Lakers’ coach to utilize him in various situations.

#2. Troy Daniels

Troy Daniels is a quite pure shooter. He’s been in the NBA for six years now, and in that time more than three-quarters of his attempted shots have come from within the 3 point line. Troy is very good at making these chances as well, with over 40 percent of his shots coming from the perimeter.

LeBron James and Anthony Davis NBA trade LA Lakers

Despite being such a pure shooter, Daniels is still comfortable with running off of screens. In fact, he has right amongst the league leaders when it comes to scoring off those plays in the past two seasons.

At the Lakers, he will mostly work in tandem with LeBron James and Anthony Davis – spacing the floor, both on the move and as a standstill shooter.