Kawhi Leonard Lakers trade deal NBA LeBron James Free Agency 2019

Kawhi Leonard free agency deal is taking new twists and turns each day. Earlier, it was stated that the 2019 NBA finals MVP is heading to the Los Angeles Lakers, which outraged the Toronto fans. The information about the deal has to be a secret, otherwise, the deal could be broken off. The latest rumors are saying that after meeting with all the three teams, Leonard has taken a decision.


It looks like the Raptors team has finally managed to convince their star to stay back with them. The Toronto Raptors offered the best deal to Kawhi Leonard and according to rumours, the superstar has decided to re-sign with them. Here are all the details about the rumored deal and how it could affect the future of the NBA.

Leonard in Raptors is trouble for Lakers

Kawhi Leonard Raptors Lakers trade deal NBA LeBron James Free Agency 2019

The major sports networks are saying that they are almost confirmed that Leonard is heading back to the Raptors. The deal of Kawhi Leonard with the Lakers was always too problematic to happen. Apparently, Leonard doesn’t like the way LeBron James behaves with his teammates and everyone else feels like a sidekick in the team.

The Lakers tried their best for the two stars to sit down and talk it out, but it might not have worked out. There could be some other reasons also for the deal to not happen, such as the Lakers not having any good players except LeBron James and Anthony Davis. All in all, Kawhi Leonard going back to the Toronto Raptors will bring a lot of trouble for the Lakers.

Major factor for NBA 2020 Finals

Kawhi Leonard Lakers trade deal NBA 2020 LeBron James Free Agency 2019

Earlier, the Lakers had the best odds to win the NBA 2020 finals because of their solid team line-up. But the scenario is slowly changing, as the odds for Raptors have gone up from 14/1 to 6/1 after the Leonard deal rumors. At the same time, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving playing together for the Brooklyn Nets is also a major contender for the next finals.

If we consider the rumors to be true, then Leonard could soon announce his decision to the world media. There will be a shift in the power and other free agents will also decide to pick a team after the deal is done.