Kawhi Leonard LeBron James NBA Free Agency Trade deal Clippers

Kawhi Leonard free agency deal has made everyone hooked and it looks like finally, we have a piece of news. As per the latest reports, the 2019 NBA finals MVP Leonard has finally decided to join the team of Los Angeles Clippers. The top sports networks are reporting that the Clippers team has signed a max four-year deal for $142 million with Kawhi Leonard.


While we have to wait for the Saturday evening to get an official confirmation, the news is already causing chaos everywhere. The fans of the Toronto Raptors are getting sad and crazy, and the Lakers are being blamed for the deal. Most of the people think LeBron James meeting with Leonard didn’t go that well and hence Leonard joined the Clippers.

LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard Meeting

James Leonard Meeting NBA Free Agency Trade deal Clippers

Kawhi Leonard decided to meet with the Lakers, Clippers and the Raptors before taking a decision. He wanted to listen to their offers and deals before making a choice. As the Lakers knew that Leonard might join with them because of his previous issues with LeBron James, they arranged a meeting of the two players.

Until now, no one had any idea about how James and Leonard’s meeting went. But now the reports are coming out that LeBron James was not able to convince Kawhi Leonard for a deal. Apparently, James doesn’t respect his teammates much and consider them as lesser compared to himself. It was the main reason why Leonard said no to the Lakers offer as he didn’t want to end up as a LeBron James sidekick.

The Lakers lost to the Clippers

Lakers vs Clippers NBA Free Agency Trade deal Clippers

The Lakers tried their best to acquire Kawhi Leonard and they badly failed to seal a deal. They had the money, the star players in the form of Anthony Davis and LeBron James, best odds for the next NBA finals. Still, the Los Angeles Clippers managed to sign Leonard for a trade deal. It just proves that the next year won’t be as easy as it looks for the Lakers.

Once Kevin Durant is healed, there are high chances that the Kevin and Kyrie pair turns out to be stronger than the LeBron Anthony duo. Also, the Clippers had signed in Paul George, which means that the new team of Leonard has also chances to win the NBA 2020 finals.