LA Lakers players, Anthony Davis and LeBron James

All through the summer, the Lakers were touted as the favored destination for Kawhi Leonard. But as it turned out, the unpredictability of the free agency window became apparent again as Leonard signed with the Clippers instead. This was definitely a big blow for the Lakers, but they will have many more such issues to face on the court in the upcoming NBA season.

LA Lakers failed to acquire the third big star player

Los Angeles Lakers do, however, deserve credit for their quick action when they knew Kawhi Leonard was out of reach. Wasting no time, the signed several players on to their roster. However, it remains to be seen if these replacements could contribute anywhere near what Leonard would’ve done.

La Lakers LeBron James

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst did predict this whole situation unfurling as Lakers were not being able to land Leonard. Eventually, they have struggled to build a roster as most of the free agents were already off the board because of how late in the window it was.

Absence of a good Point Guard

Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports believes that the Lakers plan to put James in the point guard role along with new player Danny Green. For LA Lakers, it seems, they know that they lack a well-rounded point guard.

La Lakers have acquired Danny Green from Raptors

King James, of course, can play as a point guard- he has won championships playing in that position. But his best seasons have come as a small forward, and that is undoubtedly his best position.

“Father Time” to catch up with LeBron James?

This is one aspect that isn’t being talked about as much- LeBron James is now almost 35, and “Father Time” is a concept that may apply to him. Father Time refers to a player’s skills deteriorating when he reaches his mid-30s.

Despite not having a particularly good summer, the team could still perform well enough to contend for the championship. They have the quality, it is a matter of fitting it well into a team.