LeBron James age LA Lakers

The Los Angles Lakers have could some big problems in the upcoming season because of missing out the top free agents. Kawhi Leonard was lost to the Clippers team and it could affect the future of Lakers. Most of the players are not ready to join the Lakers because of LeBron James and his persona.

At the same time, James has not performed well in the past few seasons. He is currently 35 years old and will get slower and weaker each day. The duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis is not enough and needs a third star to support them. However it is not only just about other players, but the bigger issue is also James getting older and his weak position.

Age and Position of LeBron James

Age and Position LeBron James

The Lakers team are in dire need of a well-experienced player at the point guard position for the upcoming NBA season. As per the latest rumors, the Lakers could put LeBron James at the point guard post along with newly signed Danny Green. The fact is James plays better as a small forward if there is someone to support him at the point guard.

Another thing that is troubling the Lakers is the growing age of LeBron. He is currently at the stage which is called as ‘Father Time’ in the NBA circles. The skills and the stamina of a player have a considerable drop in the Father Time stage. It is still around a year left till the NBA 2020 finals and James will be 36 years old by the matches starts.

Lakers needs another Star-Player

LeBron James Lakers third Star

The duo of Anthony Davis and LeBron James looks solid and can do wonders for the Lakers in the next season. But sometimes it is not enough to rely on just two players and the Lakers know this very well. Hence, they are trying so hard to get another star player in their team.

Danny Green and DeMarcus Cousins are added to the Lakers, but they lack the experience and body conditions. Avery Bradley and Carmelo Anthony are also considered by the Lakers, but they are also as old as LeBron James. Hence the Lakers need someone with experience and also young energy to take their team into the next NBA finals.