NBA trade deal Carmelo Anthony Miami Heat Milwaukee Bucks Los Angeles Lakers

Carmelo Anthony is still one of the top players that can be useful to an NBA team looking for a last-minute big addition. Free agency 2019 is over and there are not much better players left that could make a difference. Anthony had a bad stint with the Rockets in the last year, but then again James Harden and Chris Paul were part of the same team. Despite all the controversies and rumors, teams such as Miami Heat, Milwaukee Bucks and Los Angeles Lakers could sign Anthony.

Miami Heat

Carmelo Anthony deals Miami Heat

Miami Heat were in talks with Carmelo Antony ever since he left the Oklahoma City Thunder and joined the Rockets. They are lacking in the offense department and ranks as the worst top 5 offensive sides. It is why Miami needs someone like Melo to boost up their attacking side. James Johnson from the Heat team is not doing and was injured most of the time. Jimmy Butler, the latest addition in Miami Heat could use a partner and veteran like Antony to support him.

Milwaukee Bucks

Carmelo Anthony deals Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks are looking solid as the contender for next NBA season and could use Melo in their team. Nikola Mirotic has left the team and Melo could become a power forward to help MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo in the court. The way Anthony has performed in the FIBA world cup is what the Bucks needs right now. As long as Melo doesn’t steal from Antetokounmpo or Khris Middleton, he could help the Bucks to win a title.

Los Angeles Lakers

Carmelo Anthony deals Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers is another name that is connected with Carmelo Anthony because of his friend LeBron James. They both go back to their high school days and the Lakers could use Melo in their team. Even Kyle Kuzma said that he would love to play together with Melo in the gold and purple jerseys. Anthony is an amazing shooter and the Lakers could benefit from it as they have revamped their playing style.