Carmelo Anthony NBA USA Basketball Team Roaster Houston Rockets deals

Carmelo Anthony is not getting an NBA deal and it is turning into common knowledge very fast. Melo is trying his best, giving controversial interviews, blaming NBA politics, just be to back in the game. It is no doubt that Anthony is a talented player, but he needs to accept the fact that he has gotten slow and old.

In a latest attempt to be relevant in the basketball circle, Carmelo submitted his name in the USA national basketball team. The fact is no one from the NBA circle who is actually interested in the upcoming basketball world cup and have taken their names back. USA team officials are aware of that and hence thought something fishy with the Carmelo Anthony request. It is why they have rejected Anthony’s request and here are the reasons.

USA Basketball rejects Carmelo Anthony

USA Basketball Team Roaster Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony has been part of several world cup for the USA team and has even won Olympic medals. He won Bronze for the USA team in 2006 FIBA world championship and Gold during the 2016 Rio Olympics. Despite his amazing performance for the national team, they don’t want him to play in the next world cup series in China.

Jerry Colangelo, the managing director of USA Basketball have explained the reasoning behind their decision. He said they understand why Carmelo Anthony send that request and what are his real intentions. He had made a great contribution to the USA basketball team, but currently, he is just looking to re-establish himself in the NBA circles. We can’t afford the distraction and hence there is no way Melo can play in the USA team.

Melo Desperate for NBA Deal

USA Basketball Team Roaster Carmelo Anthony Deal

Carmelo Anthony was removed from the Houston Rockets team in the last NBA season and traded to the Chicago Bulls. Even they waived him off and he has not been able to find a new home after that. There were few reports about the LA Lakers or Miami Heat offering him a deal, but nothing that sort of has happened.

Melo is 35 years old, his style of iso scoring is getting redundant, and there might be chances no NBA team signs him. Instead of accepting reality, Anthony is losing his mind over the matter. Since the FIBA world cup stint is not working, Melo needs to find another way to get relevant for the next NBA season.