Carmelo Anthony Rumors

Carmelo Anthony is going through a tough phase in his life and it is hard to watch him suffer. In his recent interview with Stephen A Smith on ESPN, Melo shared how he feels about his professional basketball career. Anthony explained how he has been feeling after being out of the court for about a year.

Houston Rockets terminated him in the last November and it was kind of hurtful. The fact is the NBA has evolved so much Melo doesn’t fit in there anymore. Instead of accepting the fact, he kinds of blames basketball politics for his own shortcomings. There is hardly any NBA team which will sign Anthony for a deal, and he is losing his mind over the matter.

Below Average Performance

Average PeformanceCarmelo Anthony has to accept the fact that he is not doing that great and which is why no teams are offering him a deal. It is not like Anthony is not a talented player, but he is kind of playing below average in the last few NBA seasons. Melo played a total of 10 games for the Houston Rockets in the last season and it was kind of a mess.

Carmelo just averaged 13.4 points per game, with 40.5 percent floor shooting and 32.8 percent three-pointers. Even in his one year tenure at the Oklahoma City Thunder, he only averaged 16.2 points per game with 40.4 percent of his field-goal and 35.7 percent of beyond the arc points. There is no way any of the NBA team will continue with a player after such poor performance.

Anthony is Slow and Old

Slow and Old Melo

It is not just about performance, as the numbers can be improved over time, but Carmelo has no time. He is 35 years old and there is not much basketball left in him. Further, Melo doesn’t contribute much to the game as he is just an iso scorer. Basketball has changed so much in the last few years that iso scorers are very rare and that too after 5 years of crossing the age of thirties.

Anthony is not good at defending, too slow to pass or stop the ball, and honestly, he is not that great at scoring too. Even LeBron James couldn’t convince the Lakers to sign Anthony for a deal and it shows how much frustrated he is. Despite Melo claiming that he is in talks with several NBA teams, we might hardly see him on the NBA courts soon.