My Hero Academia 222- Spoilers, Plot and Release Date

Some of the last few chapters of My Hero Academia until Chapter 221 have been extremely good and the newest arc seems to have the potential to become the best one in the whole series until now. However, considering how the arc is progressing right now, Overhaul may have some competition.

My Hero Academia Chapter 222: Spoilers

My Hero Academia 222- Spoilers

The previous chapter of My Hero Academia gave fans an important insight on Gigantomachia, Doctor and All Might. So now we will move to My Hero Academia Chapter 222. Before we start, we’d like to notify you that this article may contain some spoilers from the previous arcs too and there might be some stuff that you may not like to know. So, in case you’re avoiding the spoilers, we advise you to go no further. If you are fine with spoilers, here we go!

As we approached the end of the last chapter, we witnessed Doctor having a conversation with Shigaraki, comparing Shigarki with All for One. Of course, All for One is way more powerful and the comparison fades. Doctor then says that he has everything ready to make Nomus look really bad, but all that was for All for One.

Shigraki doesn’t really deserve all of that and now he’s looking for an answer to why he was chosen by All for One. The following My Hero Academia chapter will feature Shigaraki questioning him and although he does have a lot of potential, he also has links to Nana. Towards the end of it, we believe that Gigantomachia and Doctor will both follow the League of Villains.

My Hero Academia Chapter 222: Release Date

My Hero Academia 222- Release Date

My Hero Academia Chapter 222 will come out on 1st April, 2019.

Raw Scans Release Date

However, in case you’re waiting for the My Hero Academia Chapter 222 raw scans release, you will find them out on 29th March.