My Hero Academia Chapter 218 came out recently and we gotta say, the new story arc looks really promising until now, so what is in store for the fans in My Hero Academia 219. The League of Villains will finally be seen now but more importantly, fans will get to see a new organisation called the Quirk Liberation Army, whose goal is to give free quirks with no regulations imposed.

My Hero Academia 219: Plot

My Hero Academia 219- Plot

The Quick Liberation Army was initially led by a villain named Destro. His name was taken by Gentle Criminal, just like All for One. Sadly, Destro went on to commit suicide. But his ideas continued to live on even after he ended a book. This same book was recently seen with the CEO of the Detnerat Company in the last chapter of My Hero Academia. Aiming to abide the goals set by Destro, there various unknown members in the organisation too.

My Hero Academia 219: Spoilers

My Hero Academia 219- Spoilers

In My Hero Academia 219, we may see more back history of Destro’s children. We saw in the last chapter of My Hero Academia that he does have children. The Detnerat Company’s leader looks like he is one his offsprings. Besides this, their main motive is to bring down the League of Villains. Todoroki and Bakugo confronted one of their team members after acquiring their license. The same member is now looking forward to take on the two of them in My Hero Academia.

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Not much is exactly known about his powers, but the dynamic duo of Todoroki and Bakugo has proved dangerous. We feel that this is where we will find the villain getting captured and defeated. This will set up for a showdown in My Hero Academia between the Quick Liberation Army and League of Villains, and obviously the heroes as well.

My Hero Academia 219: Release Date

We all are really excited for Chapter 219 of My Hero Academia which releases on March 11.

My Hero Academia 219: Raw Scans Release Date

The raw scans of My Hero Academia 219 will be out on March 8.